Williams, PhD


Registered Clinical Psychologist, #90-05403

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A little bit about me ...

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I began this transition into becoming a psychologist about 17 years ago, when I took my own leap of faith with the aid of intensive mindfulness meditation and other contemplative practices and embarked upon my own personal journey of self discovery.


I combined this with intensive academic studying and conducting a series of pioneering research studies as I worked through my B.A. degree, my Masters degree, and finally my Ph.D. degree, all of them in psychology with an emphasis on somatic, humanistic, existential, and transpersonal perspectives.


During this time, I have also been very active in my clinical and psychotherapy/counselling training, working at a residential facility for those challenged by psychosis and other extreme states of consciousness; at a major medical hospital providing support for people challenged by serious physical and mental ailments, many of whom were preparing for the great unknown of death; in a community mental health clinic supporting individuals, couples, and families with a wide variety of issues; at a treatment center for those challenged with substance dependence; and here in this private practice setting.


I am a registered clinical psychologist, which is the highest level of psychosocial-oriented mental health professional recognised by the state.

As a hang gliding instructor, my primary role was to encourage people to overcome their fear and take a leap of faith from the secure ground into the unknown. Now, as a psychologist, I find that my primary role is still encouraging people to take a leap of faith into the unknown,  

                      but the difference is that, in psychotherapy,  the

                      “ground” is the security of our old habit patterns, and

                      “overcoming our fear” is the courage it takes to leap

                      into the possibility of a whole new way of being in the

                                                     world, with all the unknowns      

                                                     and even risks that this entails.    

                                                     It seems that in order to live  

                                                     more fully and explore the

                                                     bounds of our freedom, we have

                                                     to let go of many of our secure

                                                     but limiting habits and belief


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After a successful career as a professional hang glider pilot and instructor, I have made the long but rewarding transition to a career as a psychologist. Many people ask me, what inspired you to transition between two completely unrelated fields? Actually, I find them surprisingly similar in many ways . . .


Professional Memberships:

NZ Psychologist Board (Registered Clinical Psychologist, #90-05403)

NZPsS (New Zealand Psychological Society)

ICP (Institue of Clinical Psychology)

The Hakomi Institute (Certifed Hakomi Therapist and Certified Hakomi Teacher)

EMDRNZ (EMDR Association of New Zealand)

ISEPP (The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry)

ISPS (The International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis)